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3 step chain sharpening for petrol chainsaw user

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Quick question, how do you sharpen your saw chain and make it look like this people?

The answer is simple as below:

The bar must be secured in a tight vise and the chain locked.

Sharpen the cutting teeth with a round file.Each tooth should be ground at an angle to the rollers with smooth pushing movements.

This step should be repeated for each tooth.To access more teeth, you need to release the brake from time to time.

To sharpen the teeth on the other side of the saw, turn the saw after you have walked around the chain once.


Be sure to wear protective gloves every time you sharpen your chain.

It is never recommended to record a hot chain.Wait for it to cool down first.

Don't push the file through the chain.Chain files that do not move smoothly are deformed and must be replaced.

It is never recommended to turn on the chainsaw while sharpening the chain.Make sure you advance the chain by hand.

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