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3 tips for choosing the right chain for your chainsaw

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To find the right saw chain for your chainsaw, see the Farmertec Saw Chain Guide.

To maximize the efficiency of your chainsaw, choosing the right saw chain is essential.Here are some tips to help you choose the right chainsaw chain.

Pitch, caliber and number of drive links

Chain pitch, gauge and number of drive links should be considered before purchasing.With those two, everything else is pretty much a matter of preference.

What is chainsaw chain pitch?

In a chainsaw, pitch is defined as the average distance between two rivets.The guide bar usually displays its value (1/4', 0.325', 3/8' or 0.404').We recommend that you let your dealer measure your old chainsaw chain if you can't find it, as it's a little tricky to do.

What is a chainsaw chain sensor

Chainsaw chain gauge describes the thickness of its drive links and is useful in ensuring that the chain fits properly into the guide bar.The gauge (0.043, 0.050, 0.068, or 0.063) will most likely show up on the guide, as will the pitch.If not, we suggest that you have your dealer measure the gauge on your old saw chain.

The pitch and number of leading links determine the length of the chainsaw chain.The number of links on an old saw chain is usually not printed anywhere on either the product or the bar, so you may have to count it yourself.

Saw and saw chain selection

You won't get better performance with a more aggressive saw chain on a standard chainsaw.It's like putting shark teeth into a piranha.It won't improve the bite.

When saw chain and saw are perfectly matched (aggressive saw chain for aggressive saw, etc.), your cutting equipment will always perform at its best.)

Full chisel, half chisel, chopper, What are the types of chainsaw chains?

Modern chain saw chains mainly come in three basic designs: full chisel, half chisel, and chopper.

What makes a solid tooth saw chain special?

The sharp angle of a full chisel easily splits wood fibers and provides the fastest and most efficient cut in clean softwood.

What is a semi-toothed chainsaw chain?

Semi-chisel chainsaw chains have a certain degree of rounding on the cutting edges, which helps the cutting blade stay sharp longer, especially when cutting through hard or frozen wood or when working in muddy conditions where a full chisel saw chain quickly loses its sharpness.Sharpness.

The chopping saw chain is similar to the semi-chisel saw chain, but with an even rounder working angle.

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