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6 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Gasoline Chainsaw

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Complete Farmertec Gas Chainsaw Buyer's Guide


If you're doing a massive tree felling project, you might need something more important than just the portability that an electric chainsaw provides.For large volumes of work, choose a chainsaw.Of course, they require fuel and more maintenance.But these heavy duty tools are extremely effective for cutting, pruning and felling trees if you use them correctly.

What to look for when buying a gasoline chainsaw:


While larger saws provide more power for bigger jobs, they are also heavier.Choose a saw that is light enough to effectively maneuver vertically and make side cuts when cutting branches and logs at an angle.Make sure the saw you choose is light enough for you to comfortably handle.

Rod length

The bar length (in inches) indicates the maximum log diameter that can be sawn safely and efficiently.Choose a block two to four inches longer than what you will be cutting.A longer rod is not always better.You can't use length effectively if you don't need it.


Think what you are doing.For small jobs like pruning trees, small and light saws (about 11 to 13 inches) are ideal.Because they are light and maneuverable, they are inherently safer than larger models.Medium power saws (14-16 inches) can handle a bit more and are versatile enough for many household tasks.Professional saws (18 to 22 inches) are suitable for small tasks, but are better suited for felling and handling large logs.


Gasoline chainsaws need regular maintenance and should be adjusted periodically to maintain the original chain position.Look out for features that make this process easier, such as tool-free chain adjustment knobs and automatic chain lubrication.


There are a variety of gasoline chainsaws available, ranging in price from $200 to $3,500.Find a saw that fits your budget.


Chain Saw are dangerous tools that can easily injure or kill the user in a split second.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 36,000 people are injured each year by chainsaws.Therefore, before using a gasoline chainsaw, be sure to get proper safety training.

Exclusive advice

Farmertec.com, China's leading manufacturer of gasoline chain saws, highly recommends having a professional or experienced user to help you start and use your chainsaw safely.And make sure you remember to use it with personal protective equipment, including pants, face, hearing and eye protection.

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