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Your chainsaw needs maintenance, here's how

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Main chainsaw maintenance guide

In order for a gasoline chainsaw to last as long as possible, it must be serviced regularly.Chainsaw owners are well aware of the remarkable ability of their tool to chew through wood.Because modern saws are so productive and tend to make owners believe that everything is going well, it's easy for users to take these tools for granted.People who ignore the warnings will be penalized with a large repair bill.

Some owners may also be intimidated by what appears to be a complex machine and be wary of tampering with its delicate parts.Checking your chainsaw regularly will benefit it a lot, and anyone with a little knowledge can do it.It makes sense to leave the insides of a machine to the experts, but a properly maintained chainsaw is less likely to require a major overhaul than one that has been neglected.

To help you maintain your chainsaw and extend its life, we have put together this quick guide.No matter what type of chainsaw you have, be it a petrol chainsaw or a cordless electric chainsaw, it is imperative to sharpen your chain and keep it in good condition.This saves you the hassle of buying expensive new chains and bars.

How to tension the saw chain

In order to maintain your chainsaw, you must first tension the chain.Chain tension is important for your safety and the proper operation of your saw.A loose chain may come off the guide rod, resulting in injury to the user or damage to the machine.It's also not good if the chain is too tight because it will wear the guide bar faster than expected.Proper chain tension means that when the chain makes contact with the guide bar, you can still comfortably pull on it with your hand.To achieve the correct tension, make sure the chain is cool before adjusting.

How to maintain a chain saw

Chain Saw will most likely break in the guide bar as it does most of the cutting.The underside is particularly susceptible to wear as it is exposed to most of the elements.

You may find that the tire wears out very quickly if you have the wrong chain tension, poor lubrication, or improper maintenance.

If you want the chainsaw bar to run evenly, make sure that:

rotate the bar every time you change the chain.

Check rod marks and general wear condition regularly.

feel free to change the bar as soon as you find that the bar groove is not deep enough to hold the drive link, or the chain is not being held straight in the groove.

Never forget to lubricate the chain

In most cases, lack of or insufficient chain lubrication is the biggest contributor to premature chain wear.Chain lubrication is an absolutely essential step to prevent catastrophic failures that could lead to chain breakage or drivetrain lockup.And the best way to do this is to add lubricating oil every time you refuel your chainsaw.

How to check if a chainsaw is properly lubricated?

Start the chainsaw, pull it through the stump and start the engine.If it leaves a thin streak of oil, then everything is in order.

Chain sharpening

This is the most important part of chainsaw maintenance.Even if you avoid cutting materials that reduce sharpness, such as rocks and soil, the sharpness of a chainsaw will gradually deteriorate over time.When using a dead-end chain, the equipment is loaded, and fuel consumption is higher.Sharpening your chain regularly will keep it in top condition for the next task.

When it comes to sharpening chainsaws, each model requires a different approach.Therefore, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for sharpening the chain.Some manufacturers recommend that a professional sharpen the chain on their machines, while others suggest using specialized sharpening devices.

What are the signs that your chain needs sharpening?

The answer is all in sawdust;wood shavings indicate a sharp chain, while dusty waste indicates a blunt chain.

Here are some more tips for caring for your chainsaw

Make sure the oil tank is full before each use.

Stop and clean the chain if sawdust and wood chips have accumulated.

After every few uses, make sure all screws, nuts and bolts are tight.Vibration can cause these parts to loosen.

Clean the air filter whenever it becomes clogged with dirt and debris.Replace if necessary.


Even after years of heavy use, a chainsaw can perform well and safely if properly maintained.If you need more information about your particular tool, be sure to also read the instruction manual.Last but not least, you should be careful with chainsaws because they are one of the most dangerous gardening tools.

At Farmertec.com, we review the best gardening products and write gardening guides.Our website is maintained by a real Chinese team who have extensive experience in developing and testing the types of products we review, as well as many years of real-world knowledge of the topics we cover.

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